Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts About Waiting

Greetings to you! I'm back again to blog and I do trust that all is well with you. I thank God that all is well with me and my loved ones! I must confess that I'm still wet around the ears with blogging and basically it's yet a challenge to consistently find time to create a new and inspirational blog. You want to hear something funny? I almost couldn't find my blog page, so I could sign in (don't laugh). Can you imagine that? I picked the wrong search engine on my computer and it was doing some quirky things and wouldn't land on the right page.  Lately, I have been somewhat distracted by personal priorities and before this evening was to preoccupied with other concerns to sit down and share some thoughts. I've been thinking about waiting, because I have been doing a lot of it lately. It seems like there's always something or someone to wait for and we can also wait on people; that could be waiting for them to show up or it could our waiting on them in a nice way; like a waiter in a restaurant.

In our busy civilization, where there is so much to do and so little time, the one thing we prefer not do if possible is WAITING. But, no matter how we try to avoid waiting, we don't always succeed.  And, sometimes, the harder we try not to wait, the longer we end up waiting – whether we are in line at the grocery store, at the bank, sitting in the car on the Interstate or waiting for a green light at a busy intersection.  WAITING IS A PART OF OUR LIVES AND IS INEVITABLE!

What is it that causes us to be impatient: intolerant or anxious about a delay? WAITING is nothing to dread or dislike and serves a great purpose in our spiritual lives.  Have you ever thought about the positive side to waiting? Perhaps, if we focused on the benefits, we would gain a greater appreciation for waiting. We could look at it like an art, which must learned in order to be perfected.

We all could use and sometimes need—‘a period of waiting, an interval or delay, where we remain and stay put in expectation’ of something or someone.  Although, we might not see the need or understand the why, when we are subjected to it, God knows the importance and what He desires to do in our lives through waiting.  Waiting provides a time for growth and/or change.

 I often think of those who farm and have great respect for them because, they seem to have an understanding of two (2) very important life-principles: 1. They know how to properly sow and reap, and 2. They are familiar with the times and seasons of cultivating and are patient during the process of harvesting.  If farmers were to choose (to be impatient and) NOT wait for the right time to harvest their crops, they would suffer a great loss and we too would be affected and left without produce and grains for our daily sustenance. 

 Since, we're all going to have to wait during out life time, it's important that we consider the 'way' we wait or should I  say-- our attitude.  We can wait with grace or with much grumbling.  The Bible contains numerous passages that exhort us to wait and some include the benefits of ‘waiting patiently’ on the Lord. We know from personal experience that, waiting does not always come easy for us but, we must learn to wait and wait patiently for God: ‘bearing pains or trials calmly and without complaint.’   The Lord is able to teach us and make our wills conform to His. “. . . it is God who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.” (Philippians 2:13, Amp.)
Let us not forget this simple but powerful exhortation (author unknown): “The Bridge of patience connects you with the promises of God for your life.” Also, we must learn to wait on God because; there is spiritual worth and benefit that is gained in the process.  The greatest benefit comes when “. . . we wait and watch [constantly living in hope] for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and [His] being visible to all.” (1 Corinthians 1:7b, Amp.)

 I really want to learn to wait in a way that pleases God, how about you, Is that your prayer?
 If you desire to learn to wait and especially to wait on God, read the modern-day Psalm below. It is my sacred song or prayer request to God asking Him to teach me to wait on Him; it too can be your sacred song or prayer. If I learn to wait on God, I can avoid being anxious and instead I can rest in Him without a care for they have been cast upon Him. Now that's what I call being cool, calm and collected in God!

Psalm for Waiting

Blessed be the God of all creation and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  How faithful You are O Lord, to Your people and how merciful You are to mankind.  

Lord, I know that time is not principal to You and that, one day with You is as a thousand years yet, sometimes a day seems much longer to me than just a day. I cannot even conceive what it would be like to wait a thousand years.  It is during those times that I realize how much I need to learn to wait on You.  Teach me Lord to wait and not whine; to wait patiently on You, to wait graciously and in faith—believing in You and believing You without reservation. Selah!

Teach me Lord, to make good use of my time even when it seems to stand still because, I know You are faithful to keep Your promises.  Although, You are never early or never late, You are always on time.  Actually, 'You are under time, above time, and around time.'  You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of time. Selah!

As I wait, I must remember that I will renew my strength and will not be disappointed no matter how long I have to wait on You -- as long as I wait in faith - believing.  You will never leave or forsake me for You are faithful and Your promises You will perform at Your appointed time.  You are worthy of all praise and Your works are marvelous and wonderful to behold.  My soul will bless the Lord. Bless the Lord for He is good! Praise the Lord all ye people!  Praise the Lord as you wait on Him! Wait patiently for the Lord and He will strengthen your heart. Selah (Pause and calmly think of about that)!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Although, there's much concern today about the present economy in our nation and the world at large, people continue to be focused on getting and keeping the best jobs and earning more money in order to obtain more material things. Some of those things are true necessities and others are designated for hobbies or recreation. When these items get old or have lost their appeal, they end up in the garage or the attic with the other gadgets, toys, tools, and whatnot. Some of those things might even be considered treasures of some sort, while other items end up being sold during a family garage sale.
It's easy to see how during the course of our lives, we can come into the possession of so many things and even forget when they were purchased or where they came from. Some might have been purchased brand new; some bought from a resale or antique shop, and others things might have been inherited. Things that are easy to obtain or replace end up being discarded or recycled, while other things are retained with careful preservation because they are unusual and considered priceless treasures. Some treasures are considered timeless, because their value is measured by the one, who possesses them. A quotable quote that can help us understand the importance of treasures to others is: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
What is the meaning of timeless?
1. Unchanged, remaining invariable throughout time; or
2. Eternal: having no beginning or end. The first definition would or could be applied to materials things and sometimes people, who never seem to age and are able to maintain a youthful appearance. 

Do you have something in your possession that can be considered timeless? There's probably something special or unique about your possession that makes it priceless or timeless to you. It is probably safe to  assume that most people consider things that seen and felt priceless or timeless, there are some things that we cannot see or feel that could be just as valuable.

Some time ago, I received an E-mail, about something I believe (and I'm confident there are others, who believe the same) could be considered a timeless treasure but when we don't know and realize the value of a thing, we will either abuse it or take it for granted. I'm sure you're wondering now, so I will stop with the suspense. This timeless treasure is: GOOD ADVICE

I haven't met anyone yet, who is not familiar with ‘good advice;’ we have all been a recipient of it some time or another during the course of our lives. Unfortunately, we are not always receptive to the one giving this treasure to us and sometimes fail to heed the counsel in the words that are given. Unlike other treasures we already have in our possession, if we refuse this one, it can be very costly and cause us great suffering. On the other hand, if we receive and heed good (and sound) advice, it can result in great blessings for us and our loved ones and even save our lives. While you assess your personal valuables, be sure to also hold on to the timeless treasure of good advice and if you have used it properly, you can feel good about sharing it with others.  Now pause and calmly think of that!