Friday, November 9, 2012

CHILDREN: Endangered Species

I don't know about you, but I have become appalled, angry and disgusted with the latest news stories about children. Each story is heart-wrenching, because another innocent child has been abducted, sexually assaulted, murdered and/or dismembered! When, I first hear news about an abduction, I pray that the child will be reunited with his or her family, but with the exception of one girl, who's brother died--that has not been the case. Children are to be and feel safe in and near their homes, but surprisingly, many are abducted near their homes and sometimes assaulted and killed by parents, people they know or in the home of a babysitter. Parents have also been in the news, because they have been killing their own children. It's sad, when children can't be protected by their own parents! Sexual predators are sick, because they have allowed the hurt someone caused them in their early years to fester in their hearts and minds. You must know the saying: "Hurt people HURT people," and it seems they don't get help-but get even. This has become not only personal revenge, but a sport of perversion and complete wickedness against children. Unfortunately, this epidemic is at an all time high!

There is never a good reason for taking an innocent life and it's despicable to take the life of a child. It's wickedness that causes people to do to others what they would not want done to themselves. Unfortunately, because of the depravity of these predators, there are few--if any happy endings for the families. Shocking discoveries only leave the parents to grieve bitterly as they try to sort out the gruesome acts that took the life of their beloved and precious child.

No doubt, they can't forget that it was only hours or a few days before they were able to hold, kiss and tuck their child into bed--maybe with a prayer. Some enjoyed talking about school and assisted their child with homework; others might have had some popcorn and watched a movie together. Unfortunately, ONE violent and perverted act STOLE their son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild. They might have even wondered if there was something they could or should have done to prevent the loss of their child. They find themselves suffering from grief with underlying guilt.

When will this nightmare for parents and children end and can it even be prevented? What is it that parents and well-meaning family and friends CAN really do? Well, there's nothing that can be done to the predators until they are caught, arrested and prosecuted. But when you can't stop people from causing you hurt, you must intolerant and fight back in a strategic way to protect yourself and loved ones and set up boundaries for future protection.

When I was a youth, Neighborhood Watch worked, because people were consistent and cared about the surrounding communities and nearby neighbors. Perhaps, there are still some communities that look out for one another.  I have few ideas for consideration. Having a Chaperon Rotation System with stay-at-home-moms or dads would ensure that children get to and from school safely. Also, it could alleviate children having to stand alone, while waiting for their school bus in the morning. Because, sexual predators know they can't be in close proximity of any school, they usually wait until the child is walking home. If an adult is with a child, who normally walks home, they would not be a target.  Adults are usually more aware of their surroundings than children, although children are pretty sharp these day. Noticing unfamiliar cars or new faces of new comers on the block is very important. Predators have body language that must be read. They're either too friendly and charming or very eccentric and just look weird. We all need to be on the look out for strangers in our own communities, because predators could be watching us and becoming familiar with the pattern of our comings and goings. One important thing to remember is that not all sexual predators work alone, so parents need to be in pairs and children should never be alone--but have a buddy, when needed until they meet up with parent chaperons.  

Children need to be trained thoroughly on the DO's and DON'Ts of strangers (men and women), so they will not fall prey to someone, who is really a wolf in sheep's clothing and intends to harm them. If they're approached they should go in the opposite direction and run fast like Forrest Gump to get help! Having chaperons might be a lot of work, but an ounce of prevention with worth a pound of cure and can save the lives of children in communities nationwide and worldwide.  Back to the sheep; Christians need to pray for the protection of children--not just in their surrounding areas or nationwide, but worldwide. This is a 'worldwide' epidemic of sexual evil against ALL children regardless of gender, age or nationality.  Children have become a high-priced commodity in the underground world and in our own cities.

This is serious, so DON'T BE PASSIVE about this epidemic. We need to work together to save all children, because they are are our future. When they are killed-- personal dreams and destiny die with them! Selah!