Monday, May 1, 2017

WAITING in Prose

Blessed be the God of all creation,
How merciful You are to mankind.
Blessed be the God of all the nations,
There is no other like You we can find.
What is it about man that makes him hurry?
Heavens, earth You created in seven days.
What is it about man that makes him worry?
He can cast his care on You and offer praise!
Why do we struggle, when we should be still?
Your desire is that we know You ways.
Why do we struggle against Your will?
When we should trust You and obey.
Your Word tells us we are blessed as we wait,
But we must keep our focus on You.
For, it is strength in us You desire to create.
And, if we're trusting, You will come through.
It seems like things are just standing still,
and we can't shorten the WAIT.
You're God and Your Word you will fulfill.
Though, You're not early, You're NEVER late.
Selah [pause and calmly think about that]!

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